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Save yourself some eye strain from reading on a computer terminal - our brochures are also available in Adobe PDF format. The downloadable PDF file will provide you with the best quality for printing on whatever paper you have available. To view or print the PDF files you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can get for free from Adobe.
To download a PDF version of our brochures just click on the little PDF icon below and click "OK" when prompted to start the download.

Standon Pipe Supports
Download complete Standon product brochure now [885K file]
Download S89 Flange Support brochure now [246K file]
Download S92 & C92 Saddle Support brochure now [243K file]
Downlad S96 Flange Cradle Support brochure now [243K file]
Download complete Thrust plate brochure now [74k file]

Or, if you would like us to mail you our most current literature, just fill out our handy online form.